Works With Disadvantaged Children by:

  • Improving living conditions

  • Assisting in getting medical help and proper documentation

  • Providing housing and mentoring battered woman

  • Following up with aged-out orphans

  • Preventing the cycle of orphans by working with families in crisis.


We assist, form relationships, and mentor.   

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Vendee V.

Julie Kogot

Julia Kogot

"This organization is amazing. The amount of love that goes into all of the children is astonishing. As a professional social worker, I can say for certain that Marina’s Kids meets all of the core values: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationship, integrity and competence. Marina and the rest of the volunteers do an amazing job to ensure that everything is in order. They are making a major difference in the lives of the children and their host families. I would highly recommend this organization. If you have any further questions please ask."

"The personal conviction and heartfelt dedication which Marina and Sean operate from is astounding. The personal commitment to see orphaned siblings reunited and find loving homes is so inspiring! I’m moved to tears hearing the stories and knowing the tremendous lengths taken to see the lives of these kids changed for the good. This organization deserves all the support possible!!!


"I am constantly astounded by the successes of Marina’s Kids. Marina, Sean, and other volunteers are truly making a difference in the lives of Ukrainian children. I cannot stress enough the impact this organization has on those it serves. These communities (Ukrainian orphans) live in abject poverty and have little chance to escape their situations. Our dollars provide a profound change in their day-to-day lives – indoor toilets, schoolhouse accoutrements, and most recently, the ability for an orphan to have access and opportunity in America. With high efficiency rates and a hands on caring rarely seen, I cannot recommend Marina’s Kids enough.!"

Don C.


"I have always had a heart for children. For years I have looked for ways to be more involved, but could never seem to find an organization that had the “whole package”. Then I was introduced to Marina’s Kids. Right away it was clear to me that Marina was a special person. Her heart and passion for the children she helps is evident. We hosted through the program…but Marina’s Kids has an impact far outreaching hosting. It includes providing medical care, orphanage renovations, shoes and clothing, and FUN for ALL of the orphans. Even after they “age out” she continues to maintain relationships and provide a safe place for these young people to land as they navigate the beginnings of their adult lives on their own. My husband appreciates their financial transparency as they can account for every dollar donated! I can’t say enough about this organization or the wonderful woman behind it!"