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Our Team Members

In the USA and Ukraine


Marina James

President, Co-founder, and Board Member

Marina K. James, M.A. is a president and a co-founder of the Marina’s Kids. She has eleven kids, four of whom are adopted from orphanages in Ukraine teenagers. Marina is a practicing psychologist with a groving private practice. Additionally, she is pursuing Ph.D. at GCU.


Olga Pogorelaya

Volunteer and a Director of “The road Home” social center.

Olga Pogorelaya lives in Ukraine. She does everything from checking on kids to running a social center with her mother, Inna.


Dina Tkachev

CFO and a Board Member

Info coming soon...


Inna Pogorelaya

Director of “The road Home” social center.

Inna Pogorealya lives in Odessa region Ukraine. She runs “The Road Home” social center for battered women and children.


Julia Zadvorna

Vice President, Board Member, and a Secretary

Julia Zadvorna is one of the board members and A Vice President. Her role is to mentor dozens of aged out orphans. Additionally, she keeps in touch with many orphanages in Ukraine, running different small projects.


Yuri Safonov


Yuri is our team member in Kiev. He does everything in that region for group trips and adoptions.

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