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Statement of Faith

All of the children of the world are the Lord’s children. As Christians we are called to love and care for them. Some need us more than others…

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; 

  uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. 

  Rescue the weak and the needy; 

  deliver them from the hand of the wicked. ”

      (Psalm 82:3-4)

Marina’s Kids is devoted to the cause of helping disadvantaged children around the world to build a better future.  Our goal is to develop long term relationships with the children, so that we can help them through their formative years and beyond.

We want to help them discover who they are, to show them the love that God has for them, and to give them a fighting chance to become a productive part of our society so they would be able make a difference as they become adults.

This work involves caring for four types of needs the children have:

  • Physical-we help to clothe them and improve their living conditions.

  • Emotional– listen, give advice, and become their friends;

  • Educational-encourage to stay in school, educate about life topics, work with teacher to provide programs and educational materials;

  • Spiritual– teach about the hope they have in Jesus, show them love without judgment, and set an example of service through sacrifice.

Marina’s Kids was incorporated in March 2011 and are classified as a public charity under section 501c3 of the internal revenue code.   The organization is named for one of its Founders, Marina James, and grew out of her work with orphans in the Odessa region of the Ukraine.

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