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The Need

Every year many orphans age out of Ukrainian orphanages at 15-18 years of age from

After orphanage:

Only 16% orphanage graduates have families.
Only 25% orphanage graduates have constant jobs.
Only 1% get higher education
Only44% get technical education

In the first 5 years after leaving the orphanage:
Every fifth child becomes homeless
Every second- does something illegal
Every seventh- tries to commit suicide.



Get to know the kids while they are still young and in the orphanages. Continue loving and guiding them into their adulthood. Do everything we can to make their lives better. Remember, when you change an orphan’s life, you will also change lives of their children, and their children’s children! Finally, pray a lot for them, for everything is possible with God and remember: God called us to love and sacrifice for His children.

The Resuts

This is one of the results:
Kirill’s Story: I met Kirill when he came to US on with a hosting program in summer of 2009. (2 years before Marina’s Kids came to be) Our family did not host him, but because I volunteered with the program, I got to know all of the kids. Kirill was one of the older ones; he was 15 at the time. When the kids went back, I did my best to keep in touch with all of the 9 kids that came that summer with the program I volunteered with. Most ended up being adopted, but Kirill never was. Over the years I have helped him stay in touch with his host family. I translated letters and phone calls between them, I am happy to say that they have formed a strong and lasting relationship.
I have always called Kirill on regular basis. When I came for visits to Ukraine, first call was always to Kirill. I would say: “I am here, you can call me now yourself” And he would during my whole trip. MyI travels took me to several locations, but not to Kirill. He was too far away, in Crimea. Kirill always sked me to come to visit him, but I just did not have the time to travel so far out of where I was mostly needed to be. Finally when he turned 18 I said to him: “you are old enough now to travel where I am in Ukraine, I will pay for your way, and you can meet me in the orphanage in Odessa region”. That is how Kirill became my travel companion and helper for all of my future trips. One day he told me that he thought long and hard of what he want to do with his life, and he decided that he want to be like me, do what I do. He wants to help orphans and young adults, who have no or little support. We have discussed how that will look for him? Where will his base be? For a while he lived with missionary friends of mine from US, the goal was for him to learn more English and about God. But ultimately his heart was where he was born, Chrimea. There he had 2 brothers, a grandmother, and many friends.
When he got back and started to look around he saw many needs. So he would tell me what he saw, and I would help him figure out how to help and support his efforts financially and morally.
This December 2014, Kirill will be turning 21 years old. Over the last 5 years that I have known him he has grown a lot morally and spiritually. He has become an inspiration to many, including myself. I am very proud of him, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to grow.
Marina James,
President, Marina’s Kids

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