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Tuzli bathroom


10 kids

The Need

The original orphanage Marina’s Kids started to work in had only one indoor bathroom, and it was in the auditorium. The rest of the facilities were outside. They were old, they did not have heat, water, or electricity. They simply had a small building with a few holes in the ground and an open window with cracks for ventilation at the top of the structure. This is what it meant for the kids: smelly, un- sanitized bathrooms in the summer, and the same in the winter, only you could literally freeze while using it.

Tuzli bathroom


This specific project took us a few years to complete. We have installed a new bathroom complete with a toilet, two sinks and a boiler in each of seven dorms. This helped not only with sanitation and safety for kids who had to leave the dorms to use the facilities, but also prevents children from getting sick while outside in a cold wither night, especially the younger children.

The Resuts

A group of 10 kids was able to move from a cramped space to a new housing AND have an indoor bathroom!

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