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Masha and Sonya


2 girls - one family

The Need

Masha and Sonya were diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when they were born. Lena, their single mother, and grandparents are doing their best to take care of the girls. The doctors are hopeful that with therapy and hard work they will be able to walk on their own. In order to accomplish this Masha and Sonya need to spend several week every year in a rehabilitation center a half a day drive from their home.
Masha and Sonya


In the last few years marina’s Kids sponsored The girls trips to the  physical center every May. We have also been getting groceries and other  needed supplies monthly for them. Marina’s Kids goal in 2019 is to raise $2,500 for travel, housing, supplies, and therapy costs.

The Resuts

There is hope that the girls will walk on their own. The family feels love and support in their difficult situation, and is able to enjoy life, even in the midst these hard circumstances.

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