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Borchi Auditorium



The Need

This orphanage at location #11 has a separate building for an  auditorium. This facility is used regularly for music and singing  classes and school gatherings of about 100 kids plus teachers. It was  built about 50-60 years ago and never has been properly maintained. The  roof is OK, but the rain gutters broke long ago and water is getting in  under the roofing material. The water is damaging the structure and  causing stains on the ceiling and puddles on the floor. The electricity  in this building is outdated and simply not safe. The heat in winter  months does not keep the building warm. The main floor is old concrete  that is disintegrating in many spots. Floor “Pot holes” are making it  easy to trip and difficult to wash and keep clean. The stage floor, as  you can see in one of the pictures, consists of a few plywood pieces  nailed to the floor about 25 years ago. It is a hazard for dancers  during the performances. The drapes need replacing as well to brighten  up this dark building.

Borchi Auditorium


In the summer of 2013, Marina’s Kids was able to fund a major portion of  the renovations for this building. New floors were installed in the  building, the electrical system was rewired, new lighting fixtures were  installed, the walls were prepared for new wallpaper, the celling and  some walls were repainted and the roof was repaired so that it was no  longer leaking. All of the work was done by the staff of the orphanage  and local volunteers!

The Resuts

December 2013: The project is done!!! The final touch was new drapes for the stage. The kids, staff, and other visitors to school are very thankful for the new look and feel of the auditorium.
Thank you so much for all of the volunteers working on it, especially our coordinator for this project, Svetlana Rabokon, and to all of our supporters, who financially provide for this type of projects to be able to happen.

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